The wind is howlin’



A wild night. The wind screaming through the shrouds of the sailboats sounds like a chorus of depressed banshees. Not much to do but hunker down and try to sleep. It’s still blowing at daybreak but not so bad. The banshees at least have all gone home. The bay’s choppy waters are busy with Buffleheads, a Common Goldeneye, Hooded and Common Mergansers and an American wigeon or two. As the tide drops and the reef appears, some Black Turnstones, a Greater Yellowlegs and a Black Oystercatcher show up to capitalize on whatever damage the storm did to the invertebrates the birds feed on. Two  Bald Eagles circle high overhead, hoping to spot a storm killed gull or seal no doubt. It’s an ill wind that blows no body any good.


Black Oystercatcher



Hooded Mergansers


Common Goldeneye




Greater Yellowlegs

Bald Eagles



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