Waddya mean I’m not rare!


Beautiful Mendocino County, California. The target bird was a Brown Shrike, an Asian bird that had, for a time anyway, relocated to a creek mouth in California. As often happens, I went to the slightly wrong location first. The weather changed as I looked for the right spot and the day turned bright. If I’d got it right first time i may not have seen this chap. I was walking down a decommissioned road where the Shrike had been seen, Nice country, lots of Bluebirds. This Wrentit bounded out of the vegetation and  gave me a hard look. A tiny bird but his attitude was big, big. Later, i did see the Shrike eating bumblebees but the Wrentit made my day. Charisma plus. The punk haircut fits the personality — a little bird I’d like to meet again

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